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Wings of A Butterfly
16th-Apr-2011 03:29 pm(no subject)
I've tried everything. From blogger, to livejournal, to wordpress, to tumblr.
And although I agree that they each have their pros and cons, at the end of the day, i'll still stick to good old journalling. Until today, i'll still cut out stuff from magazines, write down stuff in my journal, and basically do a hardcopy of my diary. Putting it online, i can't say what i really wanna say, because there are obviously some things that aren't meant to be shared. ~ I think? So I don't know how long i'll be here (i haven't been here in so long anw so it doesn't really matter, right?) or how long i'll be on wordpress etc, but i've had a great journey here. I'll still drop by every once in a while when I really need to blog (i guess when school starts, which's next week, lolol) but yeah, i miss writing in my diary every single day, no matter what happened. ^^ 
12th-Jan-2011 11:03 pm(no subject)
I don't know if they'll ever see it, seeing as how i hardly use livejournal/never tell poly kids that i have livejournal, but still...

Happy Birthday Renee & Seth!!

You turned 18 yesterday and I know you must've had a blast. I love it that we can count on each other even after not speaking for a while, seeing as how we're in different courses and all. You've helped me so much in poly and in everything, actually. Helped me sort out my thoughts, been there for me, heard my weird rationale for certain things, confided in me, still think i'm a sweetie after all that's happened, hahaha. Most importantly, thank you for not judging me throughout everything that's happened. You've been for me through ups and downs and I never felt so...WOAH about a girl before hehe. We can click, we understand each other, and i'm really grateful for that. It's like we have our own lives, and I really respect how you respect others and are always looking out for your friends and loved ones. How, you always manage to spend time with your pri/sec school friends, how you manage to do so well in your studies even with so many things on your plate. You've been one of the true friends i've hung out with and confided in and i'm honestly thankful that i've you in my life. Thanks for everything, and more, R. I love you, and words don't really mean anything between us anymore, you are frickkin' amazing. Everyone needs a Renee Sim Ling in their lives. 


Omg Seth Ong Chien Wei HAHAHAH seriously you're my better other half or whatever they call it. Just not in the r/ship sense ya know? It's more of the omg we're such close friends and we know how the other's feeling/thinking and all and i'm ever so grateful to have known you in poly. Yeah sure we've other friends, we're in different courses, but at the end of the day, like we always say, we always come back to each other. No matter what, I know you've got my back and vice versa, I know you'd be there to tell me that i should buck up in my studies, I should do this or do that, ETC ETC. Loved it when we EC-ed, I watched you go to the moon, loved it when i received your Christmas card in 2010, and I basically love spending time with you, and I know you know it. Xuan always says that we're so alike, and I guess we are. I don't know how to describe our friendship because to me, it's honestly quite difficult. There's no word to describe you, to describe our friendship, to describe what we have, and i wouldn't change it for anything. In all, you just make me smile, I probably could've lived without you, I would just not be as happy as I am nowadays. There's so much I wanna say to you, honestly. But, soon. <3 I love you sethy.

&& I swear i'm not faking all this k, this is all from the heart. Idk why their birthdays are so near each other! Along with kevin's! All the people I really love & care about. <3

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